First Appearance: 00004 - Your Attention

Description Edit

Age: Unknown

Height: 5'8" (1.73m)

Weight: Unknown

Hair: Black

Eyes: Glowing Blue

Race: "Anomaly"

Gender Identity and Sexuality: Apparently male (?)

The life and times of Nesariel Edit

Not much is known about the entity named Nesariel. He apparently arrived at the same time as the fallen star.

What is known is that he encountered Andrew Chapel and Marie-Ange Lebeau in the Elysium Subway Station as they were on their way to the Fifth Street Diner from Club Lilith. He asked them for help, then sent them to a nightmarish parallel dimension where Dr. Simon Nestor had seemingly solved all the world's problems while readying the world for invasion by eldritch monstrosities.

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